About me

The teacher

I started teaching voice in 2010, right after I attended my first Speech Level Singing (SLS) teacher training. In Autumn 2012 I passed all required testing and became a certified SLS Vocal Instructor, then I decided to continue my education with the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA).

Since then I've attended courses held by some of the best voice teachers such as Greg Enriquez, Spencer Welch, Kathy Kennedy, Stephanie Borm-Kroeger, Rhonda Carlson (stage performance), and various workshops and conferences across Europe.

To maintain the highest standards I'm constantly seeking to improve my knowledge of the voice, experimenting with body expression and acting exercises, as well as applying modern scientific discoveries to traditional Italian Bel Canto methodologies.

I teach mainly in my Voice studio in Lodz (Poland) and via Skype. Since 2014 I've been organizing  singing workshops in Poland and Denmark. For more information about the technique I teach, click here.