The technique

First let me bust a common myth for you. I'm sure you heard this before: Some people are born to sing and others - no matter how hard they try sound like this:

But does that mean they have a bad voice? Absolutely not! It simply means they are not using it correctly!

Think about it: What good is a Ferarri if you don't know how to drive? No matter how good your car is, you need to learn how to drive first and the better the driver you are, the more you will get out of your car. Same thing applies to your voice.

Nobody is born a good singer but like every skill some people have an easier time learning it than others. Through vocal training you will learn how to find your own unique voice and maximize it's potential.

A healthy well trained voice has at least 2 octaves of usable range, a nice unique tone, good pitch and the ability to sing loud, soft and anything in between.